Join with me to help fight climate change, one solution at a time.

Join with me to help fight climate change, one solution at a time.

I need your support to help ensure we can take the fight for climate change action to the next level. Your donation helps ensure we can take our message to every voter.

Meet Anne

After graduating from U of I, I made Moscow my permanent home because I love our community. I ran for City Council in 2017 because I wanted to build on the long tradition of civic engagement that has made Moscow what it is today.

As a young professional, I launched the university’s crowdfunding platform U&I Give, working with teams of students from all fields to secure funding for their passion projects. Now I am the Executive Director of Backyard Harvest. Our nonprofit grows vegetables and picks fruit to deliver fresh produce to kids, seniors, and anyone else experiencing food insecurity. 

Additionally, I have also served on the Fair and Affordable Housing Commission and the Moscow Young Professionals, SMART Transit, and Palouse-Basin Acquifer Committee Boards.

In office I have been a strong advocate for giving the public a voice. I’ve fought for more transparency, increased public input, and data-driven decision making to serve all Moscow residents. We may not always agree, but I listen to everyone to do my job effectively.


Economic Growth

I will work to support local businesses, employee-owned stores, cooperatives, and larger economic development initiatives.


Moscow is not immune to a changing global climate. Our city has done an excellent job of beginning to track its energy use so that we have a baseline measurement that we can work to decrease. Local government has an opportunity to take the lead on helping our city and our citizens plan ahead to continue building a thriving and prosperous community.

Urban Development

As Moscow grows, we should be working to encourage high-density, walkable housing. New developments are great for the growth and development of our city. I support doing this in a smart, forward-thinking way.


I encourage the use of alternative forms of transportation while maintaining balance to meet the needs of motorists. I am an advocate for infrastructure that supports pedestrians, cyclists, and patrons of public transportation.